2018 Shuffleboard and Pool at Southern Belle



League Details

When:  Thursday Nights from Feb. 22nd - Apr. 5th (7 Weeks). 

Time:  Depending on the number of teams, games will start as early as 6pm and as late as 9pm.  

Where:  League will be played in the Southern Belle at 134 Patterson Blvd. Dayton, OH 45402

Registration Dates:  Registration ends Feb. 19th.  

Cost:  Team Fee is $140 and must be 4-6 members (can be all male, all female or mixed).  4 winter stocking caps free with each Team Registration.

Official Rules:  Each team will play a minimum of 1 shuffleboard game and 3 pool games a night

  • Teams will rotate between playing shuffleboard and pool.
  • Shuffleboard games will be played to 11 and will be played observing curling scoring and will have a 15 minute cap per game.
  • Pool games will be played observing  UPA Official 8 Ball Rules and have a 15 minute cap per game.  

Late Policy:  All games shall be completed in 60 minutes.

  • If a team is 10 minutes or more late and as a result, hinders the team's ability to not complete all 4 sets in the hour of play allotted, the team shall not receive a score for the uncompleted games.  If a game is started, the player may finish.

Age Restrictions:  While we do want everyone that participates to channel their inner 4th grader, we are all young professionals who may or may not choose to enjoy the occasional adult beverage.  Leagues are restricted to participants over 21 years of age.