Official Rules:  Sportcial Guidelines.



League Details

When:  Thursday Nights from Jan 17th - Mar 7th 

Time:  Bar Games will be played start at 7PM and end around 9PM.  


  • Fifth Street Brew Pub

Minimum Number Players to Register: 4 (The league is focused on providing challenging games for 4 person teams each night)

Maximum Number Players: 6

Scoring/Ranking:  Teams can score multiple points a night and the Scoring/Ranking System is as follows:

  • A team will receive 1 point if 4 members of the team is present at the bar.

  • A team will receive 1 point for each Bar Game Category they win (Each night will usually have 4 separate games that fall within the night's theme).

  • A team will receive 1 point if every member on their team is wearing a Sportcial shirt.

Late Policy:  In order to stay on schedule it is essential to show up on time.  If a team is 10 or more minutes late the present team has the option to accept a forfeit.

Age Restrictions:  While we do want everyone that participates to channel their inner 4th grader, we are all young professionals who may or may not choose to enjoy the occasional adult beverage.  Leagues are restricted to participants over 21 years of age.