Official Rules:   As always we remind you to familiarize yourself with Sportcial Guidelines.

League Details

Cost:  $369 per team

When:  Tuesday Nights - Oct 22 - Dec 10

Registration Ends: Oct 15th

th (Registrations after the deadline are subject to a late fee.)

Time:  7PM - 9PM


  • Poelking Bowling Center at 1403 Wilmington Ave.

  • Poelking will providing Beer and Food Specials for all participants

Minimum Number Players to Register: 4 teammates

Maximum Number Players: 10 teammates (we recommend 6 teammates)

Scoring/Ranking : Teams can score up to 3 points a night. The Scoring/Ranking System is as follows:

  • Each team will play 2 matches a night

  • A match consists of 4 individual games

  • The first match will be played as "9 pin no tap" (means if your first roll knocks 9 pins down, it counts as a strike)

  • The second match will follow traditional bowling rules and scoring

  • Scores will be handicapped.

  • Handicaps are determined by taking the bowler’s average subtracted from the average of the top 5% of the league, multiplied by 90%. Example: Bowler’s average is 100. The top 5% of the league averages 200. The bowler’s handicap is 90. (200-100)*.9=90

  • Winner of each match and overall score will each be awarded a point

  • Each week a Strike King and Queen will be crowned and rewarded. Criteria for being crowned is collecting the most strikes that night.

Bar Game: 

  • Match a Score.  Roll the same score, win a drink.

  • Hi/Lo. The high and low score for 9-pin and 10-pin win a drink.

  • Green Pin. Bowl a strike with the head pin being a green pin and earn a beer.

Shirts:  Shirts are not included

Late Policy:  In order to stay on schedule it is essential to show up on time.  If a team is 10 or more minutes late the present team has the option to accept a forfeit.

Age Restrictions:  While we do want everyone that participates to channel their inner 4th grader, we are all young professionals who may or may not choose to enjoy the occasional adult beverage.  Leagues are restricted to participants over 21 years of age.