Welcome to Dodgeball!  We all remember that ridiculously good feeling when the gym teacher said, "Today, we are playing dodgeball!"  This is your chance to relive it as an adult.  ::Insert pun from Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story here::

League Details

When: Wednesday Nights

Time: Start times range from 7-9pm

Where: Action Sports

Team Size:  6 total.  Min 4 men / 2 women (Suggested roster size 9-12 people)

Format: 4 teams will play each hour for a possible 5 points each evening.  Here is an example schedule of an hour:

705pm: Team A vs Team B (half court) Team C vs Team D (half court) <---winner earns 1 point

715pm: Team A vs Team C (half court) Team B vs Team D (half court) <---winner earns 1 point

725pm: Team A vs Team D (half court) Team B vs Team C (half court) <---winner earns 1 point

735pm: Team A vs Team B vs Team C vs Team D in a Battle Royale.  Each team will have a quarter of the gym and battle each of the other teams. Every time a team is eliminated, the team that eliminated them gains that quadrant. <---winner earns 2 points

Costs: $44 per person

Late Policy:  In order to stay on schedule it is essential to show up on time.  We understand that we all have busy schedules.  If you can't make it one week, just let us know as soon as you know.

Age Restrictions:  While we do want everyone that participates to channel their inner 4th grader, we are all young professionals who may or may not choose to enjoy the occasional adult beverage.  Leagues are restricted to participants over 21 years of age.